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The NeedsExplorer Programs - In-depth training that shows you how to understand and meet your needs

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for better, healthier relationships
and a better, happier life.

So, What Exactly Can I Do Here?​​

Your life can be far different–far better–when you stop trying to walk alone, to do everything yourself, and when you can see yourself in the bigger scheme of the things that make up your life.

You are not alone – so walk with us and discover the joy and richness that life has when you’re traveling an upward path.


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It won’t take more than 5 minutes, the results are fun to read and easy to understand – and most importantly, it helps you narrow in on your exact needs in life and how strongly those needs affect you. This will put you on the road to understanding yourself and your behaviors in a more enlightened, more intelligent way.

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Whether you are dealing with relationship problems, trying to figure out your life's purpose, or just trying to be happier, we have something for you. Let us put years of experience working one-on-one with people to work for you!

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To the Hardworking, Successful Woman Who Wants More:


More Happiness, More Love, More Meaning, More Life.  

Women of all walks of life need understanding, insight, and sometimes guidance for their relationships and personal lives–and never as much as today. Your life may be filled with voices of confusion. And with this confusion, it is easy to feel a bit helpless and alone–no matter how strong you are, no matter what challenges you’ve overcome in the pursuit of your purpose, your vision, and your dreams.

That’s why guidance and personalized coaching–from a woman like you–can help. A warm-and-friendly style coupled with laser-focused insight is what makes so many successful women come back, time and time again.

Our approach to guidance and coaching can very effectively, very poignantly guide you towards a life path that truly makes you happy –both personally and professionally.

We Can Help Make Your World a More Beautiful, More Rewarding Place

Who Are We?
Kelly P. Crossing, MEd, LPC, MS

Kelly P. Crossing, MEd, LPC, MS

More than 20 years of experience will be put to good use for your life, for your relationships, and for your needs. My counseling, coaching, and relationship expertise along with my deeply introspective approach can give you a broader view of life–a sense of perspective. So, you can be better prepared for the next steps.  No matter your age or situation.

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Through working directly with me in one of my programs: ​

You will arrive at a comprehensive understanding of what your individual needs are. Because your needs drive your behaviors, understanding them is pretty important to living a fulfilling life that you are in control of.

You will acquire an actionable, step-by-step plan for your individual, personal life. Whether it’s your dating life, your day-to-day personal challenges, or your relationships with other people, life can be so much better with an action strategy personalized just for you.

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